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The loudest cars that car and driver has ever tested. On 24 august 2010, bbc news reported that ten 458s. To kick off our celebration of porsches greatest hits, we drive the best unlimitedproduction gtseries porsche yet, the 911 gt3 rs of 2010. The 458 speciale won top gears supercar of the year 20 and james mays car of the year. Lexus entrylevel 2010 lexus es 350 sedan is the bestselling vehicle in the automakers car lineup and near the top in its class in 2008. Nov 30, 2010 2010 porsche 911 gt3 rs, flatsix, petrol, sixspeed manual transmission. To many people, the porsche 911 carrera is the definitive sports car, but in the 911 family, the top jock is the gt3. The second generation ford gt became available for the 2017 model year. Car and driver pumps the brakes on claims that the 2020. Increasing the mezger flatsix engines displacement to 3. Each week, the car and driver youtube channel will launch episodes of the full hoon, driver rehab, battle of the beaters, car and driver. The season featured six doubleheader rounds, with each race lasting for a duration of 60 minutes.

The 996 gt3 cup served as the basis for the upcoming 996 gt3 road car, featuring a 3. With advanced traction control and abs systems, any competent i. Car and driver may 2010 porsche 911 gt3, ferrari 599xx, bmw. The car is allowed into the international gt open, australian gt championship and belcar series along with the british gt championship which runs to gt3 rules, but has not been approved for other series which use the gt3 category. The front axle of the bmw z4 gt3 is a completely new design, based on a series concept.

We said that car delivered the purest razorsedge performance of any porsche wed driven. The 911 turbo was upgraded with a new engine for 2010 and a racy 911 gt3 and an even racier gt3 rs were introduced. Read about the 2010 lexus es 350 in this first drive. The tracks notorious bumps were out to unsettle the car, while the high gforces of turns 1 and 2 would test the new stability program. Car and driver may 2010 25 cars worth waiting for 2011. The season commenced on 1 may at silverstone and ended on 10 october at circuit zolder. Gt3rs vs gt4 which is the ultimate drivers porsche. The firstgeneration 997 gt3 rs was truly an excellent car in all regards. There are more powerful, more expensive 911s, but the gt3 represents the sports car at its purest and most intense. The gt3 is purchased almost exclusively by enthusiasts, and theyre enthusiasts who buy new cars regularly like every time a new model comes out. Despite winklers assertion that the new gt3 will be a more roadoriented vehicle, porsche launched the car with a track day at queensland raceway.

Patrick long takes the maiden voyage in the 2010 porsche gt3 cup car around laguna seca at the 2009 monterey sports car championship. As we learned in our first drive of the 2010 porsche 911 gt3, this newgeneration gt3 has the new 3. The car lives at the limits of civility, barely streetable in between track. The 2019 porsche 911 gt3 rs is simply sublime interior and technology inside the gt3 s highvisibility cabin is the 911s familiar styling, which includes a simplistic dashboard and an iconic. Formula one driver lewis hamilton assisted with the development. Visit car and driver to research 2010 porsche 911 gt3 r race car article. The gt recalls fords historically significant gt40, a consecutive fourtime winner of the 24 hours of le mans 19661969. As with every 911 theres a beautiful, precise weighting to the controls which makes this car a joy to drive. Search over 6,500 listings to find the best local deals.

Motor trend awarded the ferrari 458 italia the title of best driver s car in 2011. Apr 24, 2009 to many people, the porsche 911 carrera is the definitive sports car, but in the 911 family, the top jock is the gt3. Now for 2010, porsches 911 gt3 gets tweaked with more power and a number of corner carving enhancements, all of which make for a racing bloodline that runs stronger than ever. Last drive before hibernation chris harris on cars duration. In addition, the bmw z4 gt3 also offers driver assistance systems such as racing abs and traction control, which have been adopted from other cars in the customer racing range, and then further developed and modified for use in the gt3 car. The ride is stiff, but better than we remember in a winter tyreshod gt3, but this car s habitat will be a race track. Despite its technical features and qualities enhanced to an even higher standard, the gt3 therefore retains its former weight of just 1,395 kg or 3,076 lb. Engine power output rating was raised to 381 ps 280 kw and torque to 284 lb. The most sporting 911 gets more power, more handling, and more braking. The current 997 family of 911s has been undergoing a major round of updates. The 2010 porsche 911 gt3 is not a grocerygetter or a hollywood boulevard cruiser save those runs for the cayenne on 22s.

Apr 06, 2018 the 996 gt3 is one of the alltime greats, a fond farewell to oldschool porsche charm and handling as the 911 entered the 21st century. Its only marginally disappointing that porsche buries the epic 4. The 911 gt3 continues pushing the definition of what a rearengined car is capable of and with a 20 hp bump up to 435 hp from the 3. Porsche 997 is the internal designation for the porsche 911 sports car manufactured and sold by german manufacturer porsche between 2004 as model year 2005 and 2012. Within this issue you will discover the following topics. The 15 gt3rs is the clearest distillation of porsches racing heritage and knowledge, and arguably the best 911 ever built. The 15 cayman gt4 is the most driver focused midengine car. Wp0zzz99zbs780295 since its launch in 1999, the porsche 911 gt3 has been the benchmark against which every other trackfocused car has been rated. Smartycam 2010 porsche gt3 cup car at laguna seca youtube. Used 2010 porsche 911 gt3 for sale with photos cargurus. Its not a secret that the porsche 997 gt3 is my favourite car. Positioned low in the car to help improve the center of.

The gt3 holds an interesting place in the lineup because it is the fastest naturallyaspired car porsche makes aside from the trackonly gt3 rsr, and some drivers prefer the gt3 over turbo. Porsche made significant updates to the gt3 for 2004 model year the first year the car was offered to us customers, using the 2002 996 facelift including headlights that were differentiated from the entrylevel boxster. The performance is breathtaking whilst the handling is excellent and the car is almost as easy to drive. Congratulations to the 911 gt3 rs for getting voted britains best drivers car for 2010 by autocar. Read on to learn more on the 2010 porsche 911 gt3 in this first test article. In 2006, the gt3 showed up on the latest 997 platform. The track car in the 911 lineup is the gt3 rs pay attention at the back please. Porsche ag, stuttgart, is once again taking up this visionary drive concept in productionbased gt racing. Differently from the european series, gt3 brasil accepts professional drivers, in a system where drivers are graded from a international driver to d fully amateur, however, at least one of the drivers in each car must be of amateur status c or d, except if a team is composed of two bgraded drivers, in that case, the car gets a 60 kg. Shop edmunds car, suv, and truck listings of over 6 million vehicles to find a cheap used, or certified preowned cpo 2010 porsche 911 gt3 for sale near you. However, they dont make much sense for anyone but track rats. Detailed features and specs for the used 2010 porsche 911 gt3 including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more.

The my 2010 911 gt3 is presumably one the best tools to have fun on the road and the track. The mercedesamg gt went on sale in two variants gt and gt s in march 2015, while a gt3 racing variant of the car was introduced in 2015. Read about the 2010 porsche 911 gt3 rsl and view a photo gallery at car and driver. The gt3 and a curious neighbor call up an unforgettable memory of. Gm is of course milking the revival for as many stories as it can get from us, hence we got a first drive in a v6powered camaro prototype, which we promptly piloted to the the car and driver 10best loop in the michigan woods. A significant highlight in developing the porsche 911 gt3 to an even higher standard was to increase driving dynamics while keeping the weight of the car unchanged. Car and driver july 24, 2019 the new c8 corvette is an engineering moonshot, a marketing leap of faith, and a statement about what an american sports car can truly be. The 2010 fia gt3 european championship season was the fifth season of the fia gt3 european championship.

We pit the gtrpowered nissan juker against a porsche 911 gt2 rs in a turbo sixcylinder faceoff on the latest episode of car and driver. In place of a heavy battery pack, the gt3 r hybrid is fitted with special electromechanical flywheel unit located beside the driver. The total production run of the previous model was limited to 5,300 units worldwide, and only 52 2010 gt3s will be allocated to canada, each of them carrying. Earlier this week we posted a video that was making the rounds on youtube that featured a 2020 corvette z51 keeping up with a 991. This 2010 porsche 911 997 gt3 is a very smart example of one of the most engaging and exciting versions of everyones favourite flatsix. We know the fia gt3 race car market well and gallardo gt3 sn 07064 is the best priced italian gt3 car in north america. Apr 30, 2009 ignore all of the angst over the panamera. Apr 23, 2009 engineers who developed the 2010 porsche 911 gt3 call it the best of all worlds in the current 911 lineup.

Car and driver heres everything you need to know about. The 996 gt3 is one of the alltime great porsche 911s. Learn more about price, engine type, mpg, and complete safety and warranty information. The carrera with manual transmission is rated by the epa at 202923 miles per gallon. Read about the 2010 porsche 911 gt3 in this first test article brought to you. Tesla model s ranked in car and drivers top 10 quickest. The gt3 and a curious neighbor call up an unforgettable memory of getting out of vietnam. Test drivers are impressed declaring the gt3 the best of the best. In very good condition other than showing whatever scars were picked up in the mailas shown in the scan. Email us for photos from macau 2008, 2009 and 2010 or for links to the race videos. It demands heaps of driver focus to smoothly conquer every ebb and flow. Frontal area and air flow beneath the car have been reduced via a 1. Every mile is intoxicating, and its surely one of the best cars of 2010. It even came with halfwayhouse tyres semislicks that made me deeply grateful that we were having the driest april since jonathon porridge began.

If you are bidding outside the united states please calculate your postage before placing your bid and please be aware that i will have to. Compare that to the average rcars redditor, who gets personally offended at even the suggestion of a buying a new car ever. Car and driver 2019 porsche 911 gt3 rs at lightning lap. Just look at the intensive give and take that went into the 2010 gt3 s engine development. The ford gt is a midengine twoseater sports car manufactured and marketed by american automobile manufacturer ford for the 2005 model year in conjunction with the companys 2003 centenary. The 996 gt3 is one of the alltime greats, a fond farewell to oldschool porsche charm and handling as the 911 entered the 21st century. Alongside its rangetopping 911 turbo, the company will debut its most visceral offering, the snarling 2010 911 gt3 rs. For example, an antilock braking system, traction control and an electronic throttle with blip function on gearbox downchanges make it much easier for drivers to get used to the porsche 911 gt3 r race car than the prior cup s model, with the consequence that the new car is also more appropriate for the ambitious amateur racing driver rather. That has led to huge demand for professional racers. Similarly, a 3100 pound rear driver with a penchant for oversteer is not. Read on to learn more on our 2010 ferrari 458 italia contender for the 2011 motor trend best driver s car brought to you by the automotive experts at motor trend. Car and driver listed the 2015 porsche 918 spyder as the quickest car of the decade, with a 2. Car and driver may 2010 porsche 911 gt3, ferrari 599xx.

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