Nlevo book holder floor stand model

This sturdy, aluminum floor stand relieves the stress and strain of having to hold your book. The stand is height adjustable and the horizontal arm can be swung away. Viozon tablet floor stand, holder for ipad,applicable to3. The levo g2 book holder floor stand is designed to safely and securely hold books without causing damage. With our patented 5 axis swing arm, you are able to adjust the tilt and angle of your book for it. Levo book holder floor stand new g2 model the word levo as derived from latin, means to raise, lift up, relieve, or ease. This new model features the same weighted, wheeled base that has for many years provided readers with both stability and mobility, and now. Levo g2 adjustable tablet stands levo has long manufactured the best and most useful book holder available. Or if you buy the levo tablet stand, your will need to get the book holder separately. Best adjustable floor book stands for reading even the. Levo tablet stands, book holders, portable chargers, and more are now distributed throughout the us, canada, puerto rico, and the uk. Levo hands free book stand for hard covers, paperbacks, cookbooks, textbooks, magazines. The levo g2 book holder floor stand replaces the original levo bookholder freestanding model.

It can be positioned for use while sitting, standing or reclining. It is better than nothing, but i can only use it for short periods of time because of this. Adjustable height and angle ergonomic book holder reading textbook stand for big heavy books studying in. The hold it hands free book holder and writing stand also holds ereaders, ipads and laptops. Adjustable holder for reading books hands free for people who have difficulty holding a book. Levo g2 new updated deluxe floor stand model for books. Airturn manos mount universal tablet holder duration. Ces 20 levo ipad adjustable floor stand holds most tablets and books for hands free easychair like viewing. Gooseneck floor stand tablet holder with wheels is an inexpensive option for holding kinldeipad in bed. They have offered to replace the book platform with the newer model with the larger tabs. Levo book holder, and the latest model with even sturdier construction, called levo deluxe g2. The giglight is a perfect accessory to complement your levo book holder. This book stand can hold a four pound book, and if your book is larger you can add weight to the base to provide sufficient counter balance. Lecco is a product designed to make reading easier when holding the book starts getting slightly tiring.

No matter what you read, holding a book or magazine for extended lengths of time can tire out your arms and cause you to crane your neck looking down at the book the levo grabs your book firmly in seconds and extends over your furniture, allowing you to read handsfree in complete comfort this model is the top of the range and is used across the world by those who want to get the most from. Watch videos, read or surf the web like never before. Traditionally, they are used to hold open a book or document for handsfree viewing. Allows you to read for long periods without having to hold the tablet or book. Levo g2 book platform kit tablet stands, phone stands. Levo g2 essential tablet floor stand tablet pcs, ipads, ipad mini, new ipad pro, galaxy, nexus, xoom, surface pro, miix, nook, fire, and other tablets and e readers black color. It is designed to hold only books, magazines, and newspapers.

Our patented design allows our levo book holder to extend from either the right, or left side of your furniture. The levo g2 is a book holder, paperback holder and textbook holder, with a sturdy base that offers a long, adjustable reach, and keeps your book safely in place. Levo provides a wide selection of handsfree accessories for your favorite books, including portable stands, page holders, and led lighting. Serious readers levo model floor bookholder read even.

Levo floor stand for books, levo floor stands for tablets, ipad, contact. This breakthrough book holder adjusts so you can read in a bed, a recliner, standing at a kitchen counter, near your bed, next to the armchair or wherever you. Lecco book holder floor stand hands free comfortable. Holding a book or tablet in my hands had became very painful. Levo g2 bookholder adjustable floor book stand holder. Our new levo g2 book holder floor stand is a flexible and portable new way to enjoy your books both indoors, outdoors. Holds tablets and mobile phones up to inches including the 12. Now checkout this 2nd generation g2 adjustable height tablet holder floor stand a sleek, aluminum stand with a handsfree. Best kindle stand for reading in bed to eliminate neck pain.

The innovate design securely holds books up to 4 pounds at a comfortable reading position, eliminating eye, neck, and arm strain. Levo deluxe ipad floor stand kiosk for all best tablet pcs, ipads, ipad mini, new ipad pro, galaxy, nexus, xoom, surface pro, miix, nook, fire, and other tablets and ereaders gunmetal color g2. High quality tablet and book holders to help you read in more comfort. Buy lecco book holder floor stand hands free comfortable reading wwheels. Its quick and simple to adjust, and no tools are required. Serious readers levo model floor bookholder read even the largest books in complete comfort adjusts up or down to suit different chairbed heights robust construction minor assembly required. The newly designed levo g2 book holder stand is a completely adjustable floor stand with multiple unique movements that provide for a comfortable, ergonomic reading position. Click here to see an animation of how the levo moves. It is this base that consumes a majority of the total weight of the product, and for good reason. Maxiaids levo g2 hands free bookholder reading book stand. Then slip your tablet onto our deluxe levo ereader and ipad stand and your tablet will hover right in front of you.

For people love to read books, but find it challenging to hold a book, turn pages, or find a comfortable reading position the levo book holder floor stand is the perfect solution. Tablet stands, phone stands, and accessories for tablets. This item the lecco book holder was for my step dad, who does a lot of reading he couldnt find anything that was suitable for what he needed. You might like to add the levo clipon led light, or our ebook and tablet platform kit. Click here for an overview of the information on this page.

Lecco book holder floor stand comfortable reading the book seat book holder colour. Placing the holder either inline with the monitor or right beside the monitor can greatly reduce neck stress. The good news is, we are currently designing a levo stand that will hold laptops. I came across the lecco book holder and im so glad i did as it was and is the perfect thing for him, he loves it, its so neat and tidy also when not using it id recommend this to anyone. The allnew levo g2 hands free bookholder reading book stand is a breakthrough in reading comfort. The levo bookholder freestanding floor model by mtm detailed specification sheet. But if you get this, you will have to buy separe holder for tablets. Floor stand book holder easily adjusts to hold book, reduce user neck strain, back pain, fatigue. My neurologist recommended the levo bookholder floor model when, after a disabling injury, i was unable to hold a book.

Levo g2 book holder floor stand offers six unique movements to perfectly place the book in the most comfortable, ergonomic reading position. The levo g2 deluxe floor stand shows the maximum reach from the edge of the base to the center of the tablet platform, which is 18 inches, but if you are able to put the base under your furniture, the reach will increase to approximately 24 inches. Levo g2 bookholder allows users to read at eye level when reclining, sitting, lying. That was in 2000 and now in 2018 i have my third levo book holder. Levo book holders float books in front of your line of vision while you sit, recline, or lay. Our levo book holder can hold books weighing up to 4 lbs. With a heavy text book, it sags almost down to the counter. The levo book holder offers six different movement options and can support books weighing up to. The levo book holder floor standing model is an adjustable book stand that allows users to read without having to use their hands while sitting or laying in the most comfortable ergonomic position. With more reading and viewing being accessed by electronic means, book stands and holders can be used to support media, such as smartphones and tablets, for easy listening and viewing.

Its gooseneck is flexible, yet sturdy enough to hold the device while reading. If i had to do it over, i would have purchased a second floor stand model. Our new levo portable g2 book holder floor stand levo. Buy lecco book holder floor stand hands free comfortable reading w wheels. Levo g2 tablet floor stand ipad, ipad pro, galaxy, and. Best adjustable floor book stands for reading even the large books read more. I think it means 2nd generation if you only want to read books only, then go with levo book holder. If you want to read in bed, chair, white bathing, studying, or while exercising on treadmill or on your exercise bike, then this book holder is perfect for you. Desktop stand holder dock compatible with tablet such as ipad pro 9. Levo hands free book stand for hard covers, paperbacks, cookbooks, textbooks, magazines direct link. The hold it hands free book holder, writing stand, ipad.

Get best price, click the link laptop stand for stand laptop laptop stands for stands for laptop laptop standing free standing laptop st. Levo floor stand book holder best ipad stands youtube. Levo g2 book holder floor stand book holders and page. The book holder had broken away from the tubular support arm, leaving ragged metal edges on both sections of tubing. Buy levo g2 essential tablet floor stand for all best tablet pcs, ipads, ipad mini, new. Levo book and tablet holder independent living centres. Levo g2 tablet stands adjustable ergonomic floor stand. Levo hands free book stand for hard covers, paperbacks. But now you can sit back, relax, and let our levo portable book holder floor stand do all of the work.

Thats why we created levo tablet and phone floor stands. Levo g2 tablet floor stand for all ipads galaxy nexus xoom surface nook fire and others. This book stand is ideal for people with arthritis or limited hand, arm, or wrist strength. The hold it hands free holder is an award winning product. The desk model does not quite adjust high enough for me even with a light book. Twisting the neck in order to read books that are laying on the desk can be avoided by using a book holder.

Our new levo book holder floor stand is a flexible and portable new way to enjoy your books both indoors, outdoors. Ipad, tablets, bookholder, levo, stands for tablets and. The dimensions of the levo g2 book holder floor stand is 34lbs and is 25 x 20 x 8 inches what is the maximum wait book it will hold i have a book that weighs approximately 4 pounds the maximum weight capacity for this unit is 4 pounds. Check the document holder page for other possible solutions. If you use your tablet for playing music, cooking, reading or watching films, the levo will help secure it firmly in seconds. This floor book stand is for every book lover, who wants to read for longer period without hurting his neck, arms, hands, shoulders, or back. Whether reclining in the favorite chair, or lying in bed cozied up with novel, this book holder will remove the stress of arched necks and fatigued hands. Reading book stand, plastic book holder, 180 angle adjustment, adjustable width, cat type bookstand, document holder. The most immediately noticeable aspect of the stand is its incredibly heavy, solid 20 pound base. Levo deluxe book holder levo store uk levo store uk.

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