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Build a handmade chest using six white pine boards. This chest plan has detailed instructions with pictures of each step to help you build this attractive toy chest or wooden storage. Norm travels to the island of nantucket off the massachusetts coast to look at a handmade blanket chest in a sea captains house dating from 1790. The specific way each feature is presented and the material covered in these. A blanket chest is a multipurpose piece of furniture that can be used in many rooms for many purposes. The chest is also great for storing blankets or just about anything else. The chest will also require some router table work for the beads and stop chamfers around the panels. There are, in fact, many ways to build chests that make the process fussy, challenging and timeconsuming and the results look identical to a simpler chest. In addition to instructions for building the piece. How to build plans for blanket chest pdf woodworking plans plans for blanket chest who used. When the first hoarfrost settled on the cottonwoods, those hardy folks reached into grandmas old blanket chest for another layer of warmth.

Youll find the construction ofthis piece strictly straightforward, withgrooveandtenon joints you cut with only atablesaw. Heres one, and it makes a wonderful storageor hope chest. Youll be proud of the finished piece and your new skills. This is the sixth blanket chest ive made but the first that i actually get to keep. Of course the history and guide to building the chest. Used as a toy box, storage for sporting equipment or bulky items, this versatile piece can be used in the family room, playroom.

Used in the bedroom to store bedding, its also great as a bench at the end of the bed. A blanket chest is the perfect solution for providing extra storage in a small bedroom. Youll get plenty of practice with dados, stop dados, raised panels, cutting stiles and rails, and top and bottom panels. This cinchtobuild, budgetfriendly project completes the traditional bedroom set. This is a chest i built as a gift for my parents, let me share my over view of this project and hopefully inspire you to make one yourself. Mission blanket chest if you love missionstyle furniture, heres the perfect complement to your bedroom.

How to build a pocket hole blanket chest jays custom. Three frames and a plywood back make up its basic structure, and all the other parts are added on, one by one, so building it is about as easy as making frameand panel doors with a router table. Ive made several tongue and groove projects in the past but this will be my first tongue and groove blanket chest. Store blankets, bedding and memories inside this huge chest. Chest plans build an heirloom with 24 diy chest plans. Shaker blanket chest fine woodworking project plan. Blanket box blanket chest diy log cabin woodworking. With a table saw, cut the following pieces from the birch plywood. A basic design blanket chest made of mdf and some solid wood. For your home or use exterior grade lumber for a storage tool chest in your garden. Make a blanket chest toy chest by jon peters youtube. This is a super simple way to get the nice floating panel look without the complicated joinery and tools.

Blankethope chest plans peachtree woodworking supply. This frame and panel design allows the basic case to be assembled with nothing. Incorporating elements of this antique in his own design, norm builds a blanket chest of pine, lined with aromatic cedar panels. Heirloom blanket chest 89 winters can be just a bit chilly up here in minnesota. Hope chests are popular in the south and are used by unmarried, young women, to store clothing and household items in preparation for marriage. You can get the free plans for our blanket storage chest at.

The leg sections require moderate wood working skills. The best blanket chest plans pdf free download pdf and video. During the evolution from blanket box to chest of drawers, the grain in. It is a copy of an 18th century chest and is designed to last a lifetime. A better blanket chest design popular woodworking magazine. This chest will fit beautifully into any space and provides great additional storage for items such as blankets, pillows, toys and smaller items in. Learn the tools and woodworking tips youll need to make this useful blanket chest and toy chest. Blanket chest free plan build this rustic cedar blanket chest using the free downloadable woodworking plans at the link. Stream woodworking classes get blanket chest plans pdf. Blanket chest plan chest woodworking plans, chests diy.

My thought was that is could currently be used as a toy chest until then. This free woodworking plans list features a collection of chest projects for building various blanket boxes, like storage and blanket chests. Charles durfees blanket chest article is a mustsee. Youll find plenty of designs in my collection below where ive gathered products of different styles. Best known for his handmade windsor chairs it is no surprise that he came up with this blanket chest project. Looking for a handsome, functional projectthat wont overtax your woodworking skills. This free woodworking plans list features a collection of chest projects for building various blanket boxes, for storage and blankets. Full material supply lists, instructions and tips will get you started, and you can adapt the plans to create your own custom piece. Stepbystep ideas search for blanket chest plans pdf youtube basically, anyone who is interested in building with wood can learn it successfully with the help of free woodworking plans which are found on the net. Heirloom hope chest woodworking plan wood magazine. The pilgrim blanket chest is a great project to help you master good machining techniques and table saw work. The chest is a copy of an 18thcentury chest, and as much as possible dunbar sticks to the design and construction methods of the original. The best blanket chest plans pdf pdf free download pdf and video. Blanket box diagram chest woodworking plans, blanket chest, diy.

Blanket chest plans woodworking plans by hgtv create extra seating and storage by building this wooden blanket chest with a padded top using birch plywood. I modified them to make the chest only 42 x 18 x 18 inches, and made out of 12 vs 34 oak plywood with a 34 thick lid. Theres never too much of storage room in the house. Storage chest is constructed out of cedar planks with oak trim. A foot chest at the end of the bed gives these homeowners extra storage and seating. The previous 5 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th were all built to different sizes and with different joinery methods. Stepbystep instructions, photos and a complete cut list are provided.

Learn to make throughdovetails, rabbets, biscuit joints and tongueandgroove joints with david thiel and kara gebhart. Once it was red oak stained, sealed with teak oil, and coated with a premium urethane, the final product closely matches all the other oakwood. This storage chest is a very simple design and can easily be built in a weekend using these free plans. In this project download, you will develop these essential skills while making a blanket chest. Tongue and groove blanket chest jays custom creations. Toy box blanket chest woodworking plan reader bill nolan designed this rugged box with solidwood parts so it would handle kids scooping toys from it from it for generations to come.

Whether youre storing blankets or something else, this blanket chest will hold lots of stuff, and do it with style. Its a simple change that transforms both the look of the chest as well as the way its put together. For more on projects with a country flair, check out. View,000 woodworking plans here search for blanket chest plans pdf pdf basically, anyone who is interested in building with wood can learn it successfully with the help of free woodworking plans. Round over the front edge of the keep box lid and bore the dowel holes. Free building plans to make your own diy storage chest that is the perfect size for an entryway storage bench, end of the bed trunk or a toy box for kids. A better blanket chest design though the chest is one of the oldest forms of furniture, that doesnt mean that the human race has settled on the best way to build it. The shakers and other earlyamerican craftsmen built many chests of this general design. Thats why we combined the two in this mortiseandtenon. Obviously if you can build a chest with floating panels. With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can construct a wooden hope blanket chest for blankets, as shown here. Mission blanket chest popular woodworking magazine. Use our popular new fast joint precision joinery system to craft a decorative and useful toy chest perfect for any child or grownup.

The solidwood panels which were typically used have been replaced with frame and panel assemblies. And no wood matches the durability and popularity of oak. With plans that are clear and concise, youll be able to create a functional chest or a cherished keepsake. Reader bill nolan designed this rugged box with solidwood parts so it would handle kids scooping toys from it from it for generations to come. This traditional shaker blanket chest design harkens back to when horizontal wood grain was used on chest sides, allowing the carcase to be joined by dovetails and the sides to move together with seasonal changes in humidity. A cedar tree chest is ampere popular wood factor for whatsoever living blank space and is considered to be a valuable objet dart of furniture. Click here to download the free pdf article and woodworking plan for durfees shaker blanket chest. Boxes and chests for toys, chests for blankets and storage. Feb 4, 2017 woodworking plans for blanket chests or hope chests. Add to wish list ships from manufacturer, expedited shipping unavailable. Crocheting, embroidery, knitting, quilting, sewing search for blanket chest plans pdf basically, anyone. Plan calls for oak and oak plywood, but pine can be substituted. Thankfully, modern housing keeps us warm and cozy, but our ancestors werent so lucky.

Guaranteed to be a family heirloom for years to come, the blanket chest shares the same simple construction methods, speeding your way to a full bedroom set. I am besides working on axerophthol larger set of plans with the same contrive and pocket hole blanket bureau full plan. Therefore, any extra cupboards, cabinets and boxes come in handy. See more ideas about blanket chest, woodworking plans and woodworking. U bild woodworking project paper plan to build blanket chest. Blankets, toys, or family keepsakeswill never have a more beautiful home. Woodworking plans pdf woodworking furniture plans woodworking tools for sale woodworking projects diy popular woodworking wood projects woodworking classes woodworking. Build this twodrawer chest that abounds in storage and style while featuring solid joinery that guarantees its place as a family heirloom overall dimensions 501 4w x 251 4.

How to make a storage chest 15 free plans plans 1 to 8. The padded top turns the blanket chest into a bench. Discover classes, experts, and inspiration to bring your ideas to life. There are plenty of free plans that you can tackle this weekend using the amazing kreg jig that nick swears by as his tool of choice, and with results like this, i cant disagree. Three frames and a plywood back make up its basic structure, and. For workshop and carpenters tool chests, see the separate category. While youre there, im sure youll find plenty more diy ideas. In addition to smart techniques, he has refined the design and dimensions of a classic piece of furniture. Diy classic blanket chest end of bed in master easy woodworking. During the evolution from allencompassing box to pectus of shorts the food grain atomic number 49 the afterward double checking to insure planning and layout this destitute woodworking plans list features.

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